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Clean, Safe and Effective Rodent Control

Many garage door jambs are angle-cut at the bottom, or left short, to prevent the wood from contacting standing water.  This provides an “access hole” for rats, mice, snakes, debri, and other critters to enter garages.  Jamb Wraps® eliminate this!

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Longevity and Durability of Door Jambs

Garage Door Jamb Wraps® offer triple protection for homes. Firstly, they seal potential entry points for pests like rats, mice, snakes, and more, by covering gaps at the bottom of garage door jambs. Secondly, they prevent wood rot and decay by minimizing wood’s contact with water, especially in cases where jambs touch the ground.

Thirdly, they deter termites, as these pests are attracted to decaying wood often found in garage door jambs. These wraps, made of durable 22ga. cold-rolled steel, come in four powder-coated colors and can be painted to match any home’s trim. This innovative solution preserves both the integrity of the garage and the home’s curb appeal.

Extreme Weather

Four Great Colors

Pick The Color That Matches Your Homes Trim – 2 Per Package

Jamb Wraps White
Jamb Wraps Almond
Jamb Wraps Sand Stone
Jamb Wraps Brown

Jamb Wraps Seal, Preserve, Protect Your Garage’s Guard.

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How Customers Prove Jamb Wraps Shield & Enhances Their Homes

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Pest Control Companies

Pest control companies use Jamb Wraps to block critter access

Garage Door Installers

Installers use Jamb Wraps for durability and pest-proofing garage doors.”

Handyman Services

Handyman services enhance garage longevity, safety with Jamb Wraps installation.”